Nicole Murmann, born in 1983 in Lausanne (CH). Living and working in Leeds (UK), since 2016. Achieved a BA in Fine Art at the HKB in Bern (CH) and an MA in Fine Art in 2014, at HEAD in Geneva (CH). In 2018, she/they achieved an MA in Performance Art at Leeds Beckett University, in the UK.  

Her/their domains of research are in inclusive-feminism, queer politics, the limits of the body, collecting opinions, stories, and sharing conversations.

Nicole's practice use several media such as performance, drawings, videos, soundtracks, and writing. She/they work as an artist individually and collaboratively on projects or in collectives (Spiegelei collective, Lausanne, CH and Queerology collective, Leeds, UK). Nicole's current research explores the public space as a political strategy of exchanges with a non-specific "audience".

2017-2018    MA Performance, with Merit, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK
2012-2014    MA Workmaster, Contemporary Artistic Practices, Congratulation, HEAD, Haute école d’Art, Geneva, CH
2003-2007    BA Fine Art, HKB, Hochschule der Künste, Bern, CH

2017    Anthony Howell, Open Workshop,  Elements of Performance Art, 15th July, London, UK
2016    La NEF, Workshop, 15-19 Feburary, Born in the 80, Le Noirmont, CH
2015    VestAndPage, Workshop: Fragile Limits, 12-25th October, IPA Bristol, Glastonbury/Bristol, UK

2014.10    Babayan Culture House, Artist-In-Residency, theoritical and practical research, Ibrahimpasa, Cappadocia, TR    

Participatory projects

2018     Gender Moves, facilitated Phil Sanger and Fernanda Prata, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds, UK
2017    Big Queer Anti-Wedding, created by Virginia Kennard/ The Naked Brastrap, MA performance, Leeds Music Hub, Leeds, UK                These books were alive, they spoke to me!,  Live Performance, Dora Garcia, 2nd Feburary-23th April, The Tetley, Leeds, UK

2008    Prix cantonal valaisan d’encouragement à la création, CH

Mentoring programme and Bursary
2019  Artist Development  Bursaries, Compass, Leeds, UK
2018    Mentoring programme, May-July, with the artist: Rhiannon Armstrong, TF18, Festival, TF18, Tempting Failure, East Croydon, London, UK

Group Exhibitions
2019    Cis men: Roots aren’t sweet, In the exhibition: Heavy Souls, as part of Queerology Colletive, Emergency Art Space, Vevey, CH 

What is your definition of queer?, Queer Ways of Being, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, UK

2018    What is your definition of queer?, Heritage weekend, Rhian Cooke, All Souls’ Church, Leeds, UK
What is your definition of queer?, In the exhibition: What have you done for me lately?, as part of Queerology collective, SERF, Leeds, UK   2017    Blue Lines, Living into my body, Leeds Student Radio, Warf Chambers, Leeds, UK Somewhere Somebodies, Greylight Projects, Out of the blue, exhibition : space DISPLAY, Hoensbroek, NL RUE.E.S., in response to Caroline Momo’s work: Quand je serais grande, j’aimerais être un homme, Et avoir une rue à mon nom, l’espace d’accrochage, Geneva, CH 2016    Cycle, Born in the 80’s, La NEF, Le Noirmont, CH 2014    Les encouragements, Déjeuner au vert in collaboration with Caroline Momo, in houhouHaHa, collective project in CAAP  (Centre ambulatoire d’addictologie psychiatrique), Geneva, CH 2012    Tomber du ciel, Einzweidrei Collective , Apocalypse, Usine Béard, Clarens, CH            
Morale sexuelle et commerce conjugal, Interpole, Theaterladen, Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, CH 2011    Genre : humain, identités et genres, Espace noir, St Imier, CH            
Fragielle, Cousus de fil blanc, Villa Dutoit, Geneva, CH                           
2009    Identités d’elles, Champs contre champs, Espace culturelle d‘Assens, CH                    
Je suis moi, les genres, Espace Noir, St Imier, CH
2008    Yeux d’enfants, Leben, Pflanzenbuch, Galerie zur Matze, Brig, CH 2007    Liens du langage, BA exhibition, Galerie Bischof, Bern, CH

2019     Muscle your Heart, NEWK’ed, CLAY, Leeds, UK 
1400 Ways of closeness, Spring Equinox, Open Source Art, Leeds, UK

2018    Listen through my ears, Soundwalk, text reading, Landing Party, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK 1400 ways of closeness, Performance Festival, TF18, Tempting Failure, East Croydon, London, UK
Queerness & Diffability,  Briggate Street, Kirgate Market, Hyde Park, Leeds, UK
2017    Asking not answering,  Briggate Street, Leeds, UK Visible Empty, in the project: Displacement Activities: The Traverse, an unofficial Leeds Light Night intervention by Simon Bradley, Leeds, UK Duel Moite, collaboration: Christian Valleise, Créatives Villages, Ovronnaz-Leytron, Valais, CH
Fight Back, Plain Sight Performance Event, SheFest, Gallery 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, UK
2016    Bricks on the back, NEWK, LAB, Live Art Bistro, Leeds, UK
Histoires de lignes, Espace GPS, Intime.Extime, Manoir de Martigny, Martigny, CH
Letzter Schluck, Young Art, Körper und Raum, Zeughaus Kultur, Brig, CH
2015    To breathe Out, Pop-up performances, Castle Park, IPA Bristol, Bristol, UK
2014    Corps non sportif, MA Fine Art Work, HEAD, Geneva, CH
2013    Le questionnement du langage, La lanterne phallique, Zinéma, Lausanne, CH                   
Rotter Schnee, Stunk Skiok 3, Stunk Skiok Collective , Frauenraum, Reitschule, Bern, CH
2012 Encrée de rouge, La furie Collective, Violences sexistes, Espace autogéré, Lausanne, CH Partir en fuméeEinzweidrei Collective, Apocalypse, Usine Béard, Clarens, CH 2011  Modulor, collaboration :July Humbert, Kill your idols, les filles affranchies, Romandie, Lausanne, CH Extraire le jus de nous, collaboration: Milena Buckel, Fanzine Mashine, opening, Oblo, Lausanne, CH
2010  Le son du temps, La nuit/eine Nacht, Castel Coucou, Hôtel de la Poste, Forbach, FR
2008    Yeux d’enfants, Einzweidrei Collective, rêve d‘escabeau, Vevey, CH
2007    Liens du langage, BA HKB, Galerie Bischof, Berne, CH

Blick auf Traum im Schlaf, la nuit des musées de Fribourg, Centre d’art, Fribourg, CH

2020-...  Co-initiating of Renard.e.x.s. Collective with Roxanne Borloz, UK, GE
Member of Queerology Collective, Leeds, UK
2015-...Co-initiating of Spiegelei Collective with Morgane Ischer and Milena Buckel, CH 2009-2014    Member of Fanzine Mashine Collective, Lausanne-Vevey, CH 2012-2016    Co-initiating of Anie Gold Collective with Davide Nerini, Géraldine Singy and  Louis Gasser, artists and researcher group, art projects, events, exhibitions and publications Lausanne, CH

2018    Without Title, Average Art Magazine,  #23, fanzine, June, London, UK
I feel feelings, [BABY] BYE BYE BYE, North of England, UK What is your definition of queer, A5 magazine, portfolio #11, zine, Feburary, London, UK, 2017    Without Title, A5 magazine, portfolio #8 , zine, November, London, UK
Without Title, A5 magazine, portfolio #5 , zine, August, London, UK
Animals, Free Art Sunday, Chasse à l’art, Grottes, Geneva, CH
Parts of skins, Arms and legs, The Sketchbook Project, Art house co-op, The brooklyn Art Library, US  
2015    Dirty Platitude, numéro 7, Café Tempo, Yverdon-les-bains, CH
2014    Vagina Dentata, numéro S2, Koalas, Make8eleive, éditions du petit O, Galerie Forma, Lausanne, CH
  2013    Confort Zone, AUA Fanzine, Interpole, TheaterLaden, Schlachthaus Theater,  Berne, CH
2012    Sexe, Désir et capitalisme, Fanzine Cyprine, Without title, Festival RQS (Queer), FR
Future Memories, Sans titre, AUA Fanzine, Interpole, TheaterLaden, Berne, CH          
Hétérographe, revue numéro 7, Emprunts d’équilibre, Editons d’en bas, Geneva, CH        
Bite cul nichons et chatte, Sans titre, éditions Ripopée, Espace Labo, Geneva, CH        
Along the line, The Sketchbook Project, World Tour 2012, Art house co-op, The brooklyn Art Library, US     
2011    Anderes als Heute, AUA Fanzine, Interpole, TheaterLaden, Schlachthaus Theater, Berne, CH

2015    Grrr, numéro 7, Métamorphose, Make8elieve, online magazine, Ohio/Geneva, CH/US

2018    Alice Bradshaw, Queerology: What Have You Done For Me Lately?, Corridor 8, 22.03.2018 2014    Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret, La longue marche de Nicole Murmann, rubrique d’arts plastiques et de la littérature en Suisse, les blogs de l’art helvétique contemporain, 29.11.2014 Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret, la mécanique identitaire selon Nicole Murmann, rubrique d' arts plastiques et de la littérature en Suisse; les blogs de l'art helvétique contemporain, 16.07.2014

Oders Projects
2016-2017    Lay Down 365 steps, Free Art Sunday, Chasse à l’art, Grottes, Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey (CH),  Leeds,Liverpool, London (UK)

Credits: Thomas Girard